The venue of ITST 2017 is WARSAW MARRIOTT HOTEL.

The hotel is located in the very centre of Warsaw, next to the central railway station, "Zlote Tarasy" Shopping Mall and Palace of Culture and Science. It offers 518 guest rooms including 95 suites. On-site parking places are also available.

Warsaw Marriott Hotel
Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79
Warsaw, 00-697 Poland
Phone: +48 22 6306306
Fax: +48 22 8300311

DISCOUNTED ROOM RATES for ITST 2017 in Warsaw Marriott Hotel:

Start date: 5/28/17
End date: 6/1/17
Last day to book: 5/5/17

590 PLN + VAT per night (per a single room)
610 PLN + VAT per night (per a double room)

To book a room at a discounted rate click here.